Jamie Gilbert - Software Developer

I'm Jamie, a running, skiing and cycling enthusiast that sometimes writes code and analyses data. I can do data large scale data analysis and visualisation, take a look at my doctoral thesis for examples.

I have around 10 years coding experience in python, C++, Java and various other languages. Take a look at my cv for more information.

If you feel like we could work together, please don't hesistate to get in touch.

My Work

My track record goes from e-commerce websites, business information systems, back end data handling, android applications, scheduling tools, metabolic modelling, bioinformatics, machine learning, complex networks theory and data science. Please checkout some of the examples of my experience below.



gsmodutils is a python based package for managing genome scale models. This provides a convenient testing framework for integrating with git and cobrapy.


Developed for my PhD, Cigram is a generator for large, synthetic, networks with realistic properties such as community structure and heterogenous degree distributions.

cluster query tool

A tool that helps finding related entries in a graph. Based on the popular modularity maximisation algorithm, but uses the space of high quality partitions of a network to score the relationships between nodes.

network visualisations

During my PhD I helped develop a few network visualisations for plant transcriptomic networks: EndoNet, RadNet and SeedNet (not mobile friendly!).